A reader has concerns about transferring photos from his camera to Windows 10. Charles writes: “I liked the way I downloaded my pictures from my camera in Windows 7. Can you tell me if there is a program in Windows 10 that does that. This is the main reason I won’t change my HP desktop at this time. My notebook is Windows 10.”

This is one of those cases where I could really use a little more information. I don’t know how you transferred your photos in Windows 7.  But I do know that Windows 10 is set up to easily transfer photos. There’s two ways to do it.  Once you plug in your camera to the PC, it will offer to allow you to import photos or view the files.


If you choose Import photos, the photos will be copied to your Photos File under Libraries and also be imported into the Photos app for you to view.

You could also  cancel that process and choose to view the camera’s contents in file explorer and select the image files to copy and paste where you want.


Check out the links below for more on managing photos in Windows 10.



~ Cynthia