In response to a post on power shortcuts for Windows 8, a reader wrote: “Is there a shortcut for shutting down Windows 10? Would it be the same? I’ve been using these shortcuts (found here on World Start,,, thank you) for years with several different Windows versions. I’m missing it now that I have Win 10!”

Windows 10 is pretty easy to shut down. Just click the start menu, then the power button.


I had high hopes that Cortana would shut down the PC by voice command, but no luck with that one. But you can definitely still create a quick shortcut.

Just right-click on a blank part of the desktop and choose New, then Shortcut from the drop-down menu.


A window will pop up asking the location of the short cut.


Type shutdown /s /t 0  or copy and paste it. That’s a numeral 0 and not a letter O.  Then click next.

Give the shortcut a name and it will then appear on your desktop. Just double-click to shut down instantly.


~ Cynthia