It’s been a while since Bored Panda had something that I had to share with you, but these awesome illustrations are so adorable that I can’t stop myself from sharing!

This gallery features the work of Russian artist Lia Selina who draws beautiful fairytale illustrations. When you arrive at the site all you have to do is scroll down to navigate through the images and be charmed by the adorable offerings.

I’m totally gaga for all the woodland animals in winter sweaters despite it being spring. They are just so cute!  There’s more offered than just adorable animals, you’ll also find awesome fairytale drawings like Little Red Riding Hood, or even little faeries themselves.

If you’re a fan of Selina’s artwork, I suggest checking out her website here. Click English to enter the version of the site presented in English. There you can check out galleries of artwork in the following categories: Illustrations, Characters, Fairy-bugs, Witches, Photography, and Works in Progress.

I also want to point you to her Instagram feed. It is absolutely charming filled with shots of her illustrations, nature, and adventures.

Go check out these lovely illustrations for yourself today!