A reader is having an issue sharing photos in Windows 10.  “I can find my pictures in Windows 10, but I want to email some to my relatives. The only option when I click on “Share” is Twitter. I want to be able to share via email, but cannot figure out how to do it.”

When I click “Share” option in the Windows Photo App, I have the choice between using Facebook, Facebook Messaging and Mail.  That’s because I already have those apps installed on my PC.


To use the “Share” button to share via e-mail in Windows 10, you need to have a default e-mail client set up on your PC. It can be the Windows Mail app, Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail or any downloaded e-mail client. You can’t use a webmail address.  Click here to find out how to set that up.


You can also share using webmail if you like. Just open up your webmail interface and create a new e-mail.  I’m using Outlook.com as an example. Choose the Insert or Attach option for your message.


Then select the photo you want from your Pictures Libary. Then choose open.


It will be attached to your e-mail.


~ Cynthia