Bing Bans Third-Party Tech Support Ads

Microsoft will now ban all third-party tech support ads from the Bing Search Engine. These ads often misdirect customers searching for tech support to sites that charge them for support and are in no way affiliated with the company the user is actually seeking support from. In a blog post, Microsoft offered this example of approved and unapproved ads.


Advertisers may not promote online technical support to consumers for products or services they do not directly own. They also may not claim to provide services that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or services advertised.

Disney Gives Up On Infinity Games

Disney is throwing in the towel on its Infinity console games. The venture started back in 2013 and the company planned to release a set of interactive action figures to go along with each game.


The company will take a $147 million dollar hit over shutting down the venture. Disney isn’t giving up on games. Instead, they’ll focus on licensing Disney/Marvel/Star Wars characters to other companies.

Update Your Flash Player

If you haven’t already applied the latest Flash Player update, it’s time to do it. This update fixes 25 critical flaws in the platform.


All of these flaws can allow hackers to take control of your system or make changes. These flaws affect Flash on the Windows Mac, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS platforms.

Click here to head to the Adobe Flash Download Center. 

Make sure you uncheck the optional offers to install McAfee Security and True Key unless you want those programs.

~ Cynthia