A reader has a queston about the calculator in Windows 10. “How can I make my calculator in Win 10 stop hiding and remaining behind an open window?  I have to minimize a window or several windows to view the calculator after selecting calculator on the taskbar where it is pinned.”

Normally, when you select an app, it will come to the forefront. I tested this out myself. I pinned the calculator app tot he taskbar, opened multiple program windows, and then clicked on Calculator.

It jumped to the front.


One possibility I thought of was that there might be a setting in your accessibility options that’s causing the issue.

Type Ease of access into the search box. Click on the result.


Select Make mouse easier to use.


If the box beside Activate window by hovering over it with a mouse is checked, uncheck it.


If that doesn’t help, you could try refreshing Windows. But you’d have to make sure you had your files backed up first.

You can also “snap” the calculator. Snapping is available in Windows 8.1 and 10. It allows you to keep apps open side by side on the screen.

Open calculator. Click on it and drag it to the edge of the screen. You’ll see a faint outline outside the program when it’s in a position to snap.


Then snap it into place.


You can adjust the size of the window the snapped app uses.


You can then just leave the calculator open while you work on other apps and click on it as necessary.

I hope one of these solutions works for you.

~ Cynthia