As a child of the 1990’s, I always find it fascinating when other 90’s culture pops up in my  news feed. So when I ran into this site dedicated to documenting the rave scene in Australia during the 90’s, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

When you arrive at the site the main page greets you with information on the project and you’ll find a navigation strip at the top of the page. The sections of the site waiting for exploration are Timeline,  Flyers, Mixtapes, Video, Interviews, and Gallery.

Timeline – this section can be navigated two ways: you can mouse over the Timeline option on the navigation strip,  and pick the year you want to investigate from the drop down menu,  or you can click on timeline and enter the section where you’ll find all the years on the page. If you go to the timeline page you’ll also get a brief description as to what happened that year, then you can click into the section for more details.

Flyers – this section is my favorite you can see the digitized version of flyers from the raves!

Mixtapes – want to experience the music of the raves? Well, now you can! Check out the mixtapes that DJs have offered up for your listening pleasure.

Video – see footage from the raves that has been digitized and uploaded to the internet.

Interviews – here you’ll find  interviews with different DJs from around Australia who participated in the rave scene.

Gallery – here you’ll find images from the raves sorted by year.

This is a cool look into the past of the rave scene in Australia! Go check it out for yourself today!