Did you know that Yahoo Mail offer stationery for email? This stationery is a layout, similar to letter paper which you can use to brighten up your email. Just like letter paper, this new stationery comes in a variety of themes, such as seasonal, birthday or floral. This will give the recipient a very cool surprise!
Here’s how to use it:
1. Open up a browser. This could be Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Open it by double-clicking the icon on your Desktop.
2. Then, in the address bar, type in www.mail.yahoo.com and log in with your email and password.
3. Click on the Compose button in the top left corner. You’ll see a purple pen icon right next to it.
4. A new email will be opened. You can type in the Subject by clicking on the Subject space. Make sure to also type in the recipient’s email address in the “To” section!
5. Start typing your email and a small icon with a purple flower will pop up below the email box. This will be in the little menu bar alongside the “Attach” icon (a link) and the other buttons. Make sure to start typing your email, otherwise, the Stationery button won’t pop up.
Click on the Stationery button.
6. Once you’ve clicked on the Stationery button, a selection of stationery tiles will open. You can scroll through these by clicking on the arrows that are to the right and to the left of the stationery tiles.
7. Click on the headings beside the stationery tiles, “Everyday”. This option has a variety of general stationery like for saying thank you. It also has: foxes, cars, stripes, triangular flags, butterflies, hummingbirds, and a lot more! This is probably the most extensive option of the headings, no doubt!
8. If you click on the “Birthday” heading, you will find a wide selection of birthday stationery with balloons, cupcakes, stars and so much more. You can really surprise someone on their birthday with this!
This is an example birthday email with cool stationery:
9. Finally, the last option is the “Seasonal” option. If you’re looking for something flowery or summery, you’ll find some beautiful stationery here. It includes: tulips, pink peonies, spring gardens and so much more.
This is what a Seasonal-themed stationery email looks like:
10. When you’ve found a stationery tile that you like, click on it. Then, finish typing your email.
11. Hit “Send” and your beautiful email is now sent to the recipient!
You should definitely start availing of the lovely stationery that is available on Yahoo Mail. With the wide selection and ease of use, there are no excuses. You could send someone a great birthday wish, or a seasonal email or even, just something a little out of the ordinary!
~ Silvia