Chromebooks Outsell Macs

Chromebooks look like a laptop, but they are actually Internet appliances that run the Chrome operating system. Really more like tablets in the body of a laptop.


They usually are far less expensive than traditional laptops. And that’s leading to booming sales. The devices have actually surpassed Macs in sales for the first time. Around 2 million Chromebooks shipped last quarter compared to 1.76 million Mac shipments. Most of those Chromebook sales are to schools, which purchase them for students to use.

PC Sales Still Struggling

While rising demand for Chromebooks is a bright spot in the laptop market, overall demand for PCs continues to struggle with demand falling more than 11% compared to last year. PC shipments fell nearly 6% in the first quarter of 2015.

Dell managed to overtake HP as the most popular provider of PCs in the U.S.  The company actually managed to show a growth in sales of 4.2% compared to a 14.1% decline for HP.

PC sales have suffered as consumers increasingly turn to smartphones for their personal computing needs.

Uber Is Checking Your Battery Life

Companies can learn a lot about you from your smartphone. They can even tell if you’re willing to pay more for a taxi ride. In a recent interview with NPR, Uber’s head of Economic research admitted that the Uber app collects information about the battery level on your phone.


The company has learned through research that people with low cell-phone batteries are more likely to be willing to pay higher prices for rides. (During busy times Uber raises its fare rates to what they call “surge” pricing which can be double or more the regular rates.) Although he promises they don’t use that information to raise the price of your ride.

Of course, he wouldn’t. What company would ever do a thing like that?

~ Cynthia