Here’s a feature of Facebook that you may not be aware of. There’s a centralized place to see important messages about your Facebook account, check your messages from the help team, and also to get updates on things you may have reported to Facebook. It’s called the Support inbox. You can access it by clicking the little arrow in the upper-right of your Facebook page and choosing Support inbox from the drop-down menu.


This page will open.


At the top, there’s an update on a report I made about a photo that was promoting illegal activity.


Below that is a report I made about an issue I was having with the Facebook App on my phone.


To the right side of the page, you’ll notice a search box for the Help Center. This is where you can look for solutions to common problems.


Underneath that is a link to the Safety Center.


The Family Safety Center offers resources for parents to help keep kids safe and prevent bullying.


Below that is the link for Safety Check. Safety Check allows users to connect with loved ones during a disaster. Follow the link for more information on how it works.


If you have questions about what type of content is permitted on Facebook, click Community Standards.


You’ll find detailed information on Facebook’s policies regarding the types of activity that can cause accounts to be suspended.


When you get the chance, take a look around the Support Inbox.

~ Cynthia