Available for Chrome and Firefox, Privacy Badger is a powerful browser application (or plugin) that helps protect your privacy while you browse the internet by blocking spying ads and invisible trackers.

I’ve been using Privacy Badger since the fall, and I really love it. It is amazing how much less nonesense I have to deal with now that I have it. So many sites that I thought were innocuous I discovered were actually taking my actions while browsing.

In theory, when you first install Privacy Badger, it should take you through a slideshow of how it works like this one for Chrome. Or this one for Firefox. Definitely, click through this slideshow. It walks you through how the tracker works and how you interact with it to make it better. Over time, as you browse, Privacy Badger gets better at stopping sites from tracking you.

I still highly recommend checking out the FAQ list when you arrive at the site because it gives you additional information on how Privacy Badger works, what it does and does not block, and the different color lists it creates. Just scroll down the page and you’ll find the list of questions there. In those questions, you’ll find information on how and what it blocks, as well as how you can bypass it to get to the site content you want if it is blocking it.

I hope you’ll all give Privacy Badger a try! I’ve really liked it as another level of privacy protection.