As Facebook Messenger keeps growing in popularity, we get more and more questions about it. Questions like this: “How do I save a Facebook picture from my timeline on my Samsung tablet to private Messenger

If you have Messenger installed on your tablet, it’s pretty easy. Find the photo you wish to share on your timeline and tap the Share button at the bottom of the photo.


One of your options is to send via a private message.


Tap it and you can then pick a recipient and send. If you want to save the image to your device, tap the image once to open it.


Then tap the menu button for your device and choose Save.


The photo will then be saved in your Gallery.


From there you can send it as an attachment via text message, e-mail or any other type of messaging app that you use. Here’s how to add an attachment to Messenger:

Open up messenger and compose a new message. Then tap the image icon to select an image from the gallery. After that, just send your message.


~ Cynthia