A fellow member of a writing group I belong to was very upset to find that someone had pirated her eBook and was offering it as a free download on YouTube.

Users are supposed to go to a link to download the PDF.

To the side of the page there’s a long list of pirated books available by this book thief that goes under the name Krwserpagaperjuanhr.

You shouldn’t click on these links because you would be flat-out stealing from people who worked hard to create this material. If you can’t afford to purchase it, get something from your local library instead. Or download some of the many legitimate free eBooks available out there. But DO NOT click on links like these.

I can almost guarantee you that downloads like this will be piggy-backed with malware or adware. Unless you really want your tablet or PC to crash or be locked up with ransomware, you’ll want to stay as far away from material like this as possible. Do you honestly think that someone who has no issue with stealing other people’s work will mind sticking malware on your computer?

If you happen to be a person whose work had been hijacked by thieves like this, here’s how to report the crook. At the bottom of the video, click more next to those three little dots.

Then choose Report.

Then select the issue. If someone is using your work, choose Infringes on my rights.

Click Submit. 

One more reminder to people who download stolen material like this: You are putting your device in danger! So, if common honesty doesn’t keep you from using pirated material, common sense should.

~ Cynthia