I’ve had my eye on the site Grammarly for a long time, but it’s always been a pay for service, so I’m delighted that they’ve released a free version!

The free version is Grammarly Editor. It is an automated proofreader that will check your writing for over 250 different common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and more! It’s available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Word.

I’ve been using it at home on my desktop computer to help catch spelling errors in abstracts that I’m cataloging for work, and I have to say I’m really ¬†impressed with the free version.

If you look at the image on the main page, you’ll see that it shows words underline in either green or red. That indicates places where Grammarly suggests there is an error. It could be a spelling, punctuation, or grammar error. If you click on it in text the suggested correction for the error, and then if you agree with the correction you can just click and it will autocorrect it.

You also have the option of clicking the red circle at the bottom of the document to deal with all the errors Grammarly found at one time. I like this option, because it feels more efficient.

This is a really cool application that will help you improve your writing. Go check it out for yourself today!