This is a question we get occasionally from  some of our newsletter readers, so I thought I’d address it in a tip. “I just got your tips about the cell phone and I would like to know if there is a way I could access your database for stuff you have regarding cellphones or cellphone chargers/charging data. Or for that matter, any topic I may have missed. Worldstart has always been my opinion leader when it comes to technology. Lifehacker,com offers such a database online and I was wondering if you’ve got one too?”

All of the tips you read in our newsletters are archived online. You can go to and use the search box to look for a topic.


We have two separate databases. One for our store and one for our tips.  Make sure to click the Computer Help search tab.


Scroll down to find the articles. You’ll see individual articles and a link to the Smartphone category.


Click the category and  you will find multiple articles on the topic.


Notice that when you read an article on our website, you’ll find both categories and tags.  At the top of the article, just under the Title, is the category or categories. Click on that to see all of the articles in that category.


At the bottom of the tip, you’ll find tags.  You can click on any of these tags to find more articles about the subject. Notice that tags are more specific that categories.


While these directions are specific to our site, most other websites operate in a similar fashion. So, you should be able to apply these same basic ideas to finding other things on other sites.

~ Cynthia