A reader is having an issue with Flash Player. “When I want to play certain videos my clever computer tells me I do not have the correct or up to date Flash Player, but it is updating all the time.¬† What do you suggest I do? Using a windows XP computer.”

If you’re still using a Windows XP computer, you should not be going online with it. Security support for Windows XP ended over two years ago.


I see a couple of possibilities here. If you can actually play those videos and games and keep getting the pop-up, it could be that you’ve got a piece of malware on your PC that’s trying to trick you into clicking on a fake update. Run whatever malware program you have installed.

If you’re having issues playing these videos or games, it may be because¬† your PC can’t support the latest version of Flash Player.

Try uninstalling Flash Player completely on your PC and then installing the extended support version of Flash Player by clicking here and then clicking on the link for the version you need.


That won’t help if you need a newer version of Flash, and your PC will certainly be far from secure, but you can give it a try.

~ Cynthia