Photo collages are a creative way for you to collect and showcase your photographs. A photo collage consists of a group of photos shown together. Whilst creating photo collages by hand (using glue and scissors) can be fun, it is usually time consuming. Instead, you should try creating your own digital photo collage! Once you add your images to the collage, and you’re happy with the final look – you can print it, or share it with your family/friends.
In this article, we’ll check out how to create photo collages using a website called Canva (
1. Type into your browser’s address bar. Create an account by filling your email and a password into the fields. When you’re done, click “Sign up”.
2. You will arrive at a new page, which asks you to create your first design. Scroll down the page and click on the icon which is called “Photo Collage”. This is under the heading ” Events” at the end of the page.
3. A new page will open up, in a new tab. This will contain a blank template. On the left of the page, a list of layouts will crop up. Inside the layouts, there will be sample images. You will be able to change these images to your own ones soon enough. These are just examples of what your photo collage will look like.
Scroll through these layouts until you find a layout that you like. Make sure to scroll through the full list, as there is a huge and dynamic variety of layouts available! You’ll see options for free and paid elements. As long as you stick with the elements marked Free, Canva is absolutely free to use.
4. To get started on your collage, click on the layout that you like. It will fill up the blank space. We can now get to work on changing the image content.
5. Next, you need to replace the sample images with your own ones. Click on the “Uploads” button and then, a menu will replace the layout on the left hand side of the page. Then, click on the green “Upload your own images” button.
Scroll through your folders until you find the image that you like. Click on the image that you want. When you find the image, click the “Open” button.
6. This image is now available to place into the collage! Now we’re ready to start getting creative with our collage! Tomorrow in part 2 of this article we’ll finish up our project.
~ Silvia