Ready is a really cool software creator designed to let anyone create games, apps, and software without previous coding software.

I discovered Ready in my search to create a program that will check metadata so that I don’t have to manually check over thousands of entries to see if they are correct. I realized it was super cool, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

I spent several minutes just watching the image behind the download button play because it shows a lot of different ways that you can use Ready to create stuff.

Scrolling down the page will provide you with more information about Ready and the possible applications for it in different settings. I’m a big fan of it being used by educators and schools! To learn even moreĀ about Ready and the people who created it in the About section.

If you check out the Learn section, you’ll find ready-made lesson plans that can be used to help you learn to use Ready and it’s various features. This is great whether you want to learn how to use it yourself or if you want to teach others to use it. The lesson plans are color coded by what they cover. For example, the tomato red lessons are will teach you the basics of using Ready, blue teaches game design, purple teaches storytelling, and green teaches science.

This is a really cool free way to learn to create software. Are you Ready to check it out?