What Will The Next iPhone Look Like?

If the active iPhone rumor mill is to be believed, the iPhone could soon look similar to the Galaxy Edge an edgeless dual-curve display.


The biggest change on the horizon, if you believe Ming-Chi Kuo, (who has a pretty good record with predicting this stuff), will be an all-glass body with an OLED display.

According to these same rumors, the big changes won’t be available for the iPhone 7, but will wait until 2017, the expected release date of the iPhone 8.

Windows Edge Not Catching On

Windows 10 seems to be catching on at a pretty good clip. As the deadline for the free upgrade nears, around 25% of Windows PC  users have already switched to Windows 10.


The Edge browser doesn’t seem to be catching on, though. In fact, web traffic from Edge has actually dropped even as Windows 10 usage has risen.  Only about 25% of those who’ve upgraded to 10 are using the Edge browser. That’s kind of a shame. It’s fast, it’s sleek, and I like it.

But it does have trouble with some sites. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out why my Avon order wouldn’t process last weekend before switching to Internet Explorer and having it process instantly.

Intel Introduces 10-Core Processor

Remember 10 years ago when dual-core was a big thing? Intel now has a 10-core processor for home users.


It’s called the Intel Core i&-69050X Extreme. According to the company, it’s not just designed for multi-tasking, but for mega-tasking.  Right now it’s targeted at gamers, but Intel says they expect it to be a valuable tool for those who shoot and edit video.

It won’t come cheap. The processor alone will cost close to $2000.

~ Cynthia