I’ve been slowly learning JavaScript in what little spare time I have, so that I can understand how to make a hamburger menu work on webpage  I’m coding.

This is a free interface that lets teaches you JavaScript while you play. When you arrive at the site if you scroll mid-page, you can click the image and navigate through screenshots of the game.

Scrolling down the page provides you with more information on the game and what it is  intended to do.  This looks like a really fun way for kids to learn to code, or if you love games (like I do) to pick up coding.

Their About page offers up even more information about the project, so if you get a chance check that out too!

I like that if you scroll down the main page, you can get estimates of lesson plan times based on what grade level is being taught. That’s a really cool feature for teachers who might be thinking about adding coding to their lesson plans.

Go check this out today!