One Billion Users Information Hacked

Three major social media sites have been hacked, affecting the data of one billion accounts. The affected sites are MySpace, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. What’s even worse, is that this information is now up for sale to the highest bidders on the dark web.


It’s not known exactly how these services were breached, but if you have an account, it’s a darn good idea to change your passwords now.

Wraparound Phones Are On The Way

Lenovo is showing off a prototype for a wraparound phone that you can wear on your wrist just like a watch. The CPlus works in the same way a segmented metal watch band does to wrap around your arm. Unlike the Apple watch, which has a tiny screen, this Android phone will have a nearly 4 1/2 inch screen and will come in a wide range of colors to help you stay in fashion.


Not to be outdone, Samsung has also announced that they have  similar models that will soon be available.  Expect to see these models for sale as early as 2017.

Faster Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5 is coming soon and this new standard promises to offer increased range and up to four times the current speed of current Bluetooth.


Users can expect to see double the current range for low energy connections. Now it’s up to manufacturers to develop devices to take full advantage of this stronger, faster connection.

~ Cynthia