First there we subscription services for music and video like Spotify and Netflix. Then came books with audio books with services like Kindle Unlimited and Audible. Now there are comic books.

The Comixology Unlimited subscription service offers users thousands of digital comics for $5.99 a month.  Comics are viewed through the web or Comixology’s mobile apps, which are available on the Amazon Fire Table, Android and iOS. This service works like an online library as users do not permanently own the comics, but Comixology also offers a large digital comic library for purchase.

Users can try this service for free. Since Amazon now owns Comixology, new users must first merge their Comixology and Amazon accounts before signing up for the current offers of a 30-day free trial on desktop computer using or a 7-day free trial on tablet.

Existing Comixology users still get the same service (including purchasable DC and Marvel comics) and the Comixology Unlimited service will be shown as a new section. Existing Comixology users can upgrade the mobile app to access Comixology Unlimited service. The Comixology Unlimited service does not currently offer any DC or Marvel comics, but hopes to soon. I was excited to find the Complete Peanuts and other classic comic strip material available.


Comixology Unlimited will expand their offerings and, like other media services, will cycle offering on and off their library. This service also features editorial guides, recommendation tools, search features, and publisher profiles.

Users can access thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga. Comic publishers include Action Lab, Archie Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, Dynamite Entertainment, Fantagraphics, IDW, Image Comics and Oni Press. Comixology Unlimited is currently only available in the U.S.

~Michael Siebenaler