Yesterday, I made the case for using OneDrive in Windows 10.  But if you still aren’t sold, there are a few options. You can just ignore it or you can choose to hide OneDrive or disable it. Today, I’ll show you how to hide OneDrive.

First, go to the notifications area is Windows 10. You’ll find it on the right side of your Taskbar next to the time. Look for the cloud icon. You may need to click the Show Hidden Icons arrow to see OneDrive.


Right-click on the cloud icon and choose Settings.


Click the Settings tab and uncheck all the boxes. Click OK to save the settings.


Next, click the Autosave tab. Change the save locations to “This PC only” and uncheck the boxes next to Photos and Videos and Screenshots.  Click OK to save the settings.


Click the Account tab and choose Unlink OneDrive. Click OK to save these settings.


Now it’s time to go to File Explorer. Find OneDrive on the left.



Right-click on OneDrive and select Properties.


When the Properties window opens, choose the General tab. Then check the tab next to Hidden.


Now you can head back to the Notifications area and right-click on the cloud icon once again. This time, choose Exit from the drop-down menu. That will remove OneDrive from your Notifications area.

Still not enough for you? Tomorrow, I’ll show ou how to completely disable OneDrive. It’s a bit technical, so you may not want to get into it unless you are very comfortable with technology.

~ Cynthia