One of the very best features of Windows 10 is the search function that will take you anywhere you need to go and find about any file. But Daniel is having a hard time locating it:  “How am I supposed to type something in the search box when I can’t find the search box!?!. Everything useful is BURIED in that new Windows 10 startup page. Dump the damn meaningless boxes with misleading labels, and bring back clearly labeled icons that actually take to to the site, page, or subject you are trying to find.”

You shouldn’t have to look too hard for the search in Windows 10. It’s there all the time, right next to the Start menu on the far left of the taskbar. Here’s what it looks like. Just click in the box and start typing to search for programs, files, and settings.


If you have Cortana enabled, it will look like this.


Again, just start typing in the box or click the mic and say what you’d like to find. If you don’t see a search box, there’s an issue with your Windows installation. It’s possible that your user account is corrupt. Try creating a new one and logging on with that. If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably want to think about refreshing your Windows 10 installation.

~ Cynthia