Tech writer, heal thyself. While trying to help a reader track down their missing search box, I actually managed to hide it from myself! To be fair, it was late in the day on Friday and I skipped my coffee. But still…

Anyway, if Cortana and/or your search box have disappeared in Windows 10, here’s where they might have gone.

This is what your Windows 10 desktop is supposed to look like. Your search box is always visible. If you have Cortana enabled, she’s on alert and waiting for your commands.

But it’s possible to hide the search box, Cortana, or both from view. If you have search completely hidden, your desktop will look like this in the lower-left corner.

Here’s what it look like if you have search, but no Cortana.

This is what you see with Cortana and no search.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix. Find a blank spot on the taskbar and right-click. From the menu that pops up, choose Cortana and click the littler arrow next to Cortana.

Remove the check next to Hidden and select Show Cortana icon and Show search box.

The search box should now be visible again.

Once it’s back, it’s probably not a bad idea to right-click on the taskbar again and choose Lock taskbar from the menu.

If this doesn’t restore your search box, you may need to either create a new user account or refresh your PC.