Look at this gem I found in California State Archives! They have a collection of California’s Old Series Trademarks which will give you a glimpse into how commerce functioned in the 19th century.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll scroll down to an awesome introduction to the collection with interesting links throughout. Then beneath it you’ll find links to specific collections of trademarks. For example: The Famous and the Beautiful Adorn Cigar BoxesPatent Medicines to Cure Any AilmentGrizzly Bears Represent Bygone Era, and Forty-niners and Pioneers Depict the Gold Rush to name just a few.

Also be sure to pay attention to the last paragraph of the introduction because you’ll find links there to Browse the collection and Search it embedded in the text.

I love that the collection also includes an explanation of what early trademark laws looked like at the time that these trademarks were in circulation.

This is a cool way to explore trademark history.

Go check it out for yourself today!