Audacity is a very popular, free audio program that can be used for many things. One of the great uses is transferring analog audio to digital. But sometimes people run into problems.

“I downloaded the latest version of Audacity 2.05 in order to transfer audio cassette to mp3. However, I followed the instructions given on audacity 1.3.12 on u-tube. My question is: 1) how do I create tracks and name them individually when the cassette music is played? 2) I did record the music, but now I can’t find it on my computer.”

Audacity Basic Interface

This is a common problem when recording music from old cassette tapes, because the songs aren’t separated from one another. This is very annoying because you can only listen to the album the whole way through (with the exception of fast forwarding), all within one recording. There are two methods which you could use to record the songs individually. I will show you only one, because I think it is easier.

Unfortunately, your first recording of the whole album is useless for the first method. Here’s how to do it. You play the song on the tape deck and hit record on Audacity. When the song on the tape deck stops, you hit the pause button on the tape deck and the stop button on Audacity. You now have an individual song recorded. Export the audio and here you can name it and paste in information about it  such as the year of release, album name, artist name, track number etc.

Here are the instructions with screenshot

1. Start the song on the tape deck and hit record on Audacity


2.When the song stops hit the pause button on the tape deck and hit the stop button on Audacity.


3. Now you have an individual song ready to be exported. Click File and then Export Audio.


4. Save the file somewhere you will find it again. The format can be changed here but you will need the LAME encoder (this can be found on the Audacity website for download) to export in MP3. When you are finished click the Save button.


5. Another window will show up and here you can input the information you want. Click OK and you are finished.


After following the steps you can sync the music onto a device or burn them onto a CD. This method is also very handy because you can leave out the songs you don’t like. You can also save it to whatever format you like.