Bear is an incredible app for iPhone, iPad, and Macs that lets you write notes and/or prose in a flexible and clean interface.

Right now if you are an Apple user you can sign up to participate in the beta version of Bear.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and want to sign up, type your e-mail address into the sign-up field and click the red Request Beta button.

If you scroll down the main page, you’ll get a look at all of the features that Bear offers. For example, it offers different styles of writing – quick notes, in-depth, and even a focus mode -it syncs across devices and comes with an assortment of themes and typography.

And if you love Bear, you’ll be able to use it for free on your Mac or iOS.

I sent this immediately to a friend I have who uses a  Mac and an iPhone and she raved about how nice it was. I hope you will too!

Go check it out for yourself today!