Samsung has a new high-tech fridge so smart that they aren’t even billing it as a refrigerator. Instead, they’re calling it “The Family Hub.”  This space-age ice box is WiFi enabled with a touch screen. Check it out.


So what’s so smart about this refrigerator? First, it connects to your smartphone or tablet via an app.  Why do you need to be connected with your fridge? The Family Hub has three built-in cameras. Every single time you close the doors, it will take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator. You’ll always be able to instantly check what you have in stock. No more wondering how much milk is left or if you need eggs. On a side note, don’t you love how in commercials and ads, no one ever covers up anything in the fridge? They just pile up bowls of fruit and leave frosted cakes uncovered to dry out.


The Family Hub also has a touch screen that allows you to access several apps built into the refrigerator. Basically, you have a tablet that holds your food.


There’s a family calendar that will allow you to put everyone’s schedule on the refrigerator, and also makes it available on your phone at the same time. Just like you can with a regular old stupid fridge, you can post notes and reminders right on the refrigerator. Only these notes will also be on everyone’s phones.


You can even display family photos there.


You’ll be able to stream music using Pandora or TuneIn Radio and even mirror what’s playing on your smart TV.  And there’s a built-in browser for surfing the Internet.

Since it is a kitchen appliance, you’ll also find an app for making a shopping list and recipe apps to help you find new foods to try. You can even use Groceries by Mastercard to place grocery orders with selected local grocery stores.

Not all of the features involve going online. You can switch the bottom right drawer between a fridge or freezer setting depending on your needs at the time.

But this doesn’t come cheap, this high-tech refrigerator is going to run you around $6000.

~ Cynthia