There’s nothing worse than having a game freeze up while you’re playing. It’s happening to Nancy. She writes:“I enjoy playing “Double Down”, etc. on Facebook and sometimes get that “white screen with an exclamation point”. Can you help , is there something wrong with my PC, which is Windows 7.”

You see that icon (a.k.a. the Grey Circle of Death; in 10.1 Adobe Flash Player version and beyond) because Flash is protecting your computer from an application that is asking for more memory than your web browser has available.


First, uninstall your current Adobe Flash Player then reinstall the latest version. Type “Uninstall a program” in your search box and click on the result.


Then scroll down to find Flash Player and choose Uninstall.


Then click here to go to Adobe and install the latest version of Flash Player.  Make sure to uncheck the offers for True Key & McAfee Security unless you really want them.

install flash player button

If that does not solve the issue, then it’s likely a memory/disk space issue with your computer or you have too many tasks running at the same time.

Check how many tasks you have running by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choosing Task Manager.

WorldStart - How to Safely Eject from USB Hijackers - Task Manager
Task Manager

You also need adequate RAM, memory, and a high-speed Internet connection to play properly.

You can learn more about RAM in the articles below:

~ Michael Siebenaler