In response to an article on creating an ISO file, a reader wrote: “What is ISO?  You techies use terms all the time and assume non-techies know what you are talking about.  You might consider talking down to us non-techies when you spend 2 whole days talking in techie-talk.”


As it said in the article, “An ISO image is an archive file that includes the data contents from every written sector on an optical disc. It gives you an exact copy of your existing file system.”

An ISO is just a copy of the data for  your operating system. That doesn’t include your photos, pictures, etc… It’s just the data needed to install or reinstall an operating system.

ISO in not an acronym or abbreviation.  It refers to the .iso file extension that many of these images are saved in. But not all ISO files are .iso files.

~ Cynthia

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