Those scammers sure are busy. A reader asks:  “I downloaded Win 10, all seems good, have Steve’s tutorial (learning) and I typed a Typo O in the browser and this window came up (full screen) and blared that I have a virus /malware and I need to call Microsoft immediately. I couldn’t close out the screen, it was flashing and repeated this message to call Microsoft with the number and alerting me my credit cards were being intercepted and bank info vulnerable. I shut off the computer, don’t trust anything BUT could this be true ? My Norton is good. Scary out there !!!”


No, this can’t be true in any way, shape, or form. What you were seeing was a pop-up ad or a piece of adware that piggy-backed its way onto another download. Virus protection software just does its job. It doesn’t tell you to call a number. Plus there’s no way to tell from your PC if your credit card numbers have been compromised. Any time you’re told to call a number or click on a link because of a virus issue, you can count on it being a scam.  If you get something like this again, try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to close from the task manager. Then run a malware and virus scan.

~ Cynthia