In part 1 of this article, I told you about the great, free note application Evernote and showed you how to download it to your PC. Click here to read all about that.

Now that we’ve got Evernote on the PC, let’s put it to work creating a to-do list. First, we’ll need to open Evernote. A new note will be created.


On the title section of the note, type in “To-do list” or whatever title you like.


Now click on the body section. To create a checklist, click on the highlighted icon below, or press CTRL-SHIFT-C on your keyboard.


A checklist will be created. Type in a task. Press “Enter” on your keyboard and a new item for your checklist will be created. Continue to do this until you’ve typed down every task you need to do.


Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to access this note on your PC and also on your smartphone and tablet if you install the Evernote app and log in.  Just click to mark off the box next to each task when you complete it.

~ Jonatan