Verizon Hikes Data Plan Prices

Verizon is making some changes to its data plans for smartphones. The company will now allow users to carry over unused data for an additional month.


They’re also raising the costs of their plans and simplifying the options shown below

  • Small (2GB Data)  $35 per month
  • Medium (4GB Data) $50 per month
  • Large (8GB Data) $70 per month
  • XL (16 GB Data) $90 per month
  • XXL (24 GB Data) $110 per month

Additionally, subscribers who purchase the XL and XXL plans will have free international and texting to Mexico and Canada. Existing customers will be able to keep their current plan pricing for the length of their contracts.

Get A Sneak Preview Of iOS 10

iOS 10 isn’t due until fall, but those who enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program can try it out now.  Click here to follow the link to Apple’s Beta Software page.


As long as you have a valid Apple ID, you can sign up to test the beta version. But remember, all of the kinks haven’t been worked out yet.


BMW’s ConnectedDrive App Has Security Flaws

Smart cars that you can connect to through apps sound like a great idea until cyber security threats show up.

Security researchers from Vulnerability Labs have discovered 2 bugs that threaten BMW’s online web hub for ConnectedDrive. The flaws could allow attackers to insert malicious code.  No word yet on if BMW has a fix for the issue.

~ Cynthia