After reading our tips last week about customizing your Facebook feed, some readers had another suggestion: the Facebook Purity browser extension.

It’s available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Maxthon, and Opera browsers. This extension allows you to remove unwanted stories from your news feed and also hide unwanted information popping up on the side.  Let’s take a look at it.


The extension allows you to hide Suggested Posts, Related Posts and Sponsored Posts which can clog up your feed.

It will also hide upcoming events.

If you find all those game posts exhausting, Facebook Purity will remove them from your view. It also takes out Trending Topics.

Facebook Purity can disable those autoplay videos as well.

Tired of missing posts or seeing the same old posts again and again? Purity will put your feed in actual chronological order.


And they’ve got a great tool for an election year. There’s a custom text filter that permits you to hide posts by keywords. You can also use it to make sure you don’t have a movie, TV show or sporting event spoiled by folks who are posting about it. Or makes sure you don’t have to see any posts mentioning politician or the election or just give yourself a Kardashian or Pokemon free existence.


You can even customize your interface with a background image plus choose fonts, font size, and colors for your feed.


You can download Facebook Purity by clicking here. The download is free, though you can leave a donation if you like.

~ Cynthia