After answering a question for Kay about how to back up Facebook videos, I received this follow-up message: “Speaking of backing things up, two days after I got all the data and pictures (including the videos) backed up on that nice big flash drive I bought from you guys, my PC totally crashed. I would have lost everything if I hadn’t backed that up.”


This is a great time to remind you to back up. When’s the last time you backed up the important files on your PC?  Honestly?  If you’re a smartphone user, when’s the last time you copied all those photographs and videos that have been sitting on your phone for months?

Hard drives fail. Ransomware attacks happen. Lightning strikes can fry electronics. Laptops and phones can be dropped and broken. Backing up your files is the best way to minimize loss. If you haven’t done it recently, why not sit down and do it today?

~ Cynthia