Chrome Mobile Browser: Advanced Privacy Settings

Yesterday we talked about the basic Chrome mobile browser app settings.  In this tip, we’ll delve into one of the advanced settings – Privacy.

To access the advanced settings, open your browser app. Tap the 3-dot menu icon at the top right and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then scroll down to Advanced Settings.


Let’s take a look at the Privacy settings.


Up first, you’ll see Navigation error suggestions. When turned on it will show suggestions when a web address doesn’t open properly.


Right underneath that you’ll see Search and URL suggestions. If you don’t want the browser to make predictions about where you want to go as you type, make sure uncheck the box.


Check Security incidents and your device will automatically send reports regarding any type of security problem to Google.


Tick the box next to Safe Browsing and Chrome will prevent you from going to sites it has deemed dangerous. This setting can be very helpful in preventing you from being led to fake sites by malicious links in emails.

Turning on the prediction service can help web pages load faster, but it also allows Google to use information on your past behavior to predict your future actions. Usage and crash reports will send reports about technical problems with the browser to Google in order to help them improve their product. Turn on Do Not Track  and a request will be sent to websites not to track you online. Whether or not they follow your request depends on the site. When Touch to search is enabled, you can press down on a word you see on your browser and learn more about it without leaving the page. Physical Web uses Bluetooth to help you find web pages that are related to nearby objects that are Bluetooth. Personally, it’s a little weird for me.


Tap Clear Browsing data to clear your history, cookies, site date or cache. Once you tap it,you can choose which bits of saved data you want to be cleared. Doing this will clear the data from all of your synced devices.


~ Cynthia

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