Last week, we introduced you to GIMP – a great, free substitute for expensive programs like Photoshop. Now, we’ll look at how you can use GIMP to make basic photo corrections.

Are your photos looking a bit…blah? Perhaps you need a bit of enhancing or correcting. I’m sure you’ve seen photos that have a blue tint, or perhaps look as though they have a haze. These things are very distracting to what is, otherwise, a terrific image. Let’s take a look at an image before and after lighting enhancements.

Do you see the haze and cool tint the photo below has? It’s not as sharp as it could be, and everything seems to look as though it’s in a green filter.


Now, check out this corrected image.


WOW! See how much brighter and sharper this image is? You have very distinct colors, textures and that green hue is gone.

Click here to get a full-sized version of this image to practice our tutorial on if you like. Just right-click and choose Save image.

Great lighting is the first step to making great looking images. You can do all of this in GIMP, for free, without investing in expensive software with just a few very easy steps. Let’s get started!

First, let’s open up our image. Click open and find your image.


Once we have our image open we are going to be working with several different elements. First, go to the top menu and select Windows, dockable dialogs, and then layers.


This will open your layers panel.


From your layers panel, click Duplicate layer. This creates a second layer just like the one you have open. So, you’ll get a second, identical image.


Tomorrow, in part 2 of this tip, we’ll begin to enhance our image.

~ Jessica