Amazon Plans For Delivery Drones To Rest On Tall Structures

A patent filing for docking stations gives a clue on how Amazon expects its planned fleet of flying delivery drones to get around.   The company wants to position recharging stations on top of tall structures like steeples and light poles to allow the drones to recharge or hide out during storms.


According to the filing, “The docking stations may incorporate a number of features to enable UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to fly longer routes, to fly routes more accurately, and to provide shelter during adverse conditions.”

Drones might also be able to hand off packages at the docking stations. Whether or not this idea will be able to work with current FAA regulations is still…well… up in the air.

 Government Demands More Amazon Customer Data

The government isn’t only interested in Amazon’s drone fleet plans. They also want to know a lot more lately about Amazon customers. The company says government demands for their customer data has more than doubled with more than 1,800 warrants issued for the data so far in 2016.

Apple Profits Fall 27%

Apple profits took more than a 25% dip in the past quarter. Marking the first time they’ve had two consecutive quarterly drops in sales of iPhones since they hit the market 9 years ago.


The company still managed to sell more than $40 million dollars worth of smartphones. People seem to just be holding on to their old smartphones longer and Apple faces stiff competition from lower-priced models.

~ Cynthia