Here’s a situation with Gmail that I’ve seen come up a few time. You’re subscribed to a newsletter and it’s just not showing up. You contact customer service and they say it’s being sent out to your address. A friend says they sent some photos, but you never received them. Where the heck are they?

They could be hiding in plain site in your Gmail. Open your Gmail in your browser. At the top of the inbox, you may see two tabs next to Primary called Promotions and Updates. This is part of Gmail’s filtering system. Click on either tab and you’ll get and inbox containing what Gmail has decided are promotions or shipping updates or something else that doesn’t need to be in your primary inbox. It’s likely you’ll find your missing messages in there.


If they aren’t there, check the Spam folder on the left side of your inbox.


If that doesn’t work, try typing the email address of the sender or another keyword in the search box at the top of your inbox.  Then click the magnifying glass icon.


Hopefully one of these tricks will help you find your missing messages.

~ Cynthia