I’ve heard from several of you having difficulties finding your Contacts in Yahoo Mail.  Here’s how you should be able to find them. Just click the icon that looks like an address book on the upper left of the inbox page. It’s between the icon for mail and the one for the calendar.


I heard from reader that said his contacts were not visible in Internet Explorer 11 unless he moused over them.  I opened IE to check and found that they were there. In fact, I checked Chrome and Firefox as well and the icon was clearly visible.

I wonder if some of the issue could be the contrast on monitors or the quality of the monitor. The icons are a very light lavender color over white and may be difficult for some folks to see unless you move the mouse pointer right over them, then they turn dark and the icon turns white.


Another reason for the missing contacts could be that you’re just not scrolled over far enough. Your inbox might look like this.


There are two things I want you to try if you don’t see your contacts. Go to the bottom of the page and look for the scroll bar on your inbox. Slide it all the way to the left and check that upper-left corner for the Contacts icon again.


If that doesn’t help, I’d like you to position your pointer in that area just below the Yahoo! Mail logo in the upper left of the inbox. Hover just below it and see if you don’t happen to mouse over and activate Contacts. If you can see the envelope icon to the far left for Mail, very carefully move right from there.


You may be able to see the Contacts icon.

~ Cynthia