The British Library of Political and Economic Science (LSE) presents an amazing collection of personal, political, and economic history connected to women’s battle for equality over the last 500 years.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll see a timeline of artifacts in the collection. You can click on an item to learn more about it. It will pop-up and give you a description of the item. At the bottom of the pop-up, you’ll find a link to the item in the catalog. The catalog entries are fairly standard for these kinds of object giving additional details about size and composition.

Beneath the timeline, you’ll find four categories of items in the collection you can browse. The categories are Pamphlets, Magazines, and Journals; Archives;¬†Photographs, Postcards, and Objects; and Books. ¬†Each displays a featured list of interesting items, but you can click the Show All link at the bottom of each column to browse all the items in that collection.

I particularly loved the section on Photographs, Postcards, and Objects where they featured a picture of women learning to cure bacon.

This is a really robust collection of historical and cultural artifacts, so check it out today!