In part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this special series we learned how to create and improve Apple Notes. Today we tackle a couple of important things about the finished product. How do you sync your work across Apple devices and how you can protect your notes from prying eyes.

Syncing across devices

This is the part where many of us get confused. Everything in today’s world is synced across devices but in most cases, it requires a lot of steps and tweaks to achieve this goal. Not so with Notes.

To sync notes between Apple devices, you simply need to be logged in to iCloud and that can be done by entering your existing Apple ID or creating a new one (it only takes a minute) in the settings. Once you are logged into iCloud, tap the iCloud option in the settings screen and switch on Notes syncing in the service list.


If you use Gmail or one of the other popular email services,  to sync the notes you will need to go into the Mail, Contacts, Calendar section of the settings. Once there, choose the account you want to sync notes to and enable Notes sync.


Even when you have sync enabled, you can choose to create or save certain notes only to your iPad or iPhone. Launch the Notes app and tap the back button that is located on the top left corner. Now you shall be able to see the notes you have synced and the notes that are saved only on the phone.

Tap on any of these sections to see more details or to create a new note in there.

Password protection

There are two ways to password protect notes. You can either set up a password for the entire Notes app so that none of the notes are accessible to someone who does not know the password or you could simply set the password on individual notes.

To do the former, go to Setting, tap on the Notes option, scroll down to the password option and set a new password for the Notes app. You can also choose to enable Touch ID for better security and faster access. Whatever password you have set will apply to all the notes that you have created in the past as well as new notes.


To password-protect a particular note, open it up and then tap on the share button. Once there, just tap on the ‘Lock Note’ icon. If you want to view the note now, you will either have to enter the password or use the Touch ID.

It’s bee a great time exploring a great app this week. And there’s only one more part left to our series. Tomorrow, we’ll have fun with sketching.

~ Yogesh