Sometimes there are people on Facebook that you’d prefer to limit your contact with. There are several ways to do it, based on just how much you want to restrict your contact.

All of them involve starting out by clicking the little drop-down arrow to the upper-right of your browser and selecting Settings.


Then choose Blocking from the column on the far left.


You’ll see several options under Manage Blocking.

Your first option is a Restricted List. The person remains your Facebook friend, but they won’t see your posts on Facebook unless they are public or shared on a mutual friend’s timeline, or if you choose to tag that person in a post.¬† Click Edit List to add a name.


Select Friends from the drop-down menu. You can search for friends by name and add them to the list by clicking on the name.


This can be a good option for someone you think might be upset or offended by some of your posts. Or maybe a temporary option for keeping someone out of the loop.

But there are cases where you’d like to block all contact with someone.Normally, if you don’t want to be Facebook friends with someone anymore, you can simply unfriend that person. This doesn’t prevent that person from contacting you at some point in the future and is pretty much a no-hard-feelings kind of deal. Maybe you became friends because you played a game together that you no longer play or because they were a friend of your ex-whatever, and it’s just better to say goodbye.

Sometimes that’s just not enough. The person is pestering or threatening you and you need to block all contact. That’s where Block users comes in. Once someone is blocked, they can’t see what you post and they cannot tag you or invite you to events, groups or games. They are also restricted from trying to initiate a conversation with you or adding you as a friend. Now if you’re both already in the same group or play the same games, this doesn’t exclude the other person from that.¬† To block someone, just type their name in the Block users box and click Block.

A word of advice here, don’t just block someone because you don’t like their opinion on something or you’re a bit miffed. Be sure you mean it.


If you don’t want to block someone completely, you can choose to just block certain types of contact.

If you Block messages, they friend won’t be able to contact you by chat or my the Messenger app. But they can still do other things that friends do like post on your timeline, tag you, and comment on your posts. Just type the name of the friend you wish to block in the box next to Block messages from...


You’ll have similar options for blocking¬† app invites and event invites from specific friend. Plus you can block invites from apps and pages.


Understanding these options will help you take control of your Facebook. If you have any questions about Facebook, you can ask us in the comments or submit them to

~ Cynthia