Given that a lot of Facebook users create and view videos, it is no surprise that Facebook has launched a live video streaming service. The Facebook live feature allows users to broadcast live videos using the Facebook app.

Facebook Live is one of the best features of Facebook. Live videos created by companies, celebrities, and everyday people, can easily be viewed in someone’s newsfeed.

If you’re a brand looking to sell your product, then Facebook Live is a great way to share engaging content with your users. If you’re a news station, it’s a great way to get live events to viewers fast.  If you’re on a crazy adventure you can easily share it with your friends or your friends. If your church is having a rummage sale, you could use it to spotlight great bargains and invite folks to come on down. And it’s a great simple way to share an event like a graduation or a wedding with those who are unable to attend. (Just a side note, not a good idea for concerts or school plays. Most of these productions contain copyrighted material that can’t be streamed over the Internet without permission.)

Want to know how you can use Facebook Live? Just keep reading! You’ll need the Facebook Mobile app installed on your device to do this. This is designed to work with your phone’s camera and not with a browser since it might be a little awkward to haul around a PC to a live event.

Go to your Facebook profile and tap the box with the word Status.

You will be greeted by an enlarged version of the status box including additional features (i.e. photos, tags) that you can add with your status. Write your status or caption for the post (optional) and choose the privacy settings for the video. If you want everyone to view it, click public. Otherwise, be sure to select if you only want your friends or a customized group of people to view your video.

Click live video.

A box would appear asking if it’s OK for Facebook to access your microphone. Click OK.

Note: The box won’t appear the next time you use Facebook live.

Type in the description of your live video (optional) and click ‘Go Live.’

Once you’re live, you can start talking to everyone who’s tuned in. You may also move around and show the audience your surroundings.


Click ‘Finish’ in the lower-right corner once you’re done.

The background will blur and the text ‘Ending Live video’ will appear. Wait for a few seconds before the live streaming ends.

Do any of you who are more experience with Facebook Live have any good tips for new users? Let us know in the comments.

~ Monique