I ran across this article on io9 about ancient sculptures. It describes how using ultraviolet light reveals that ancient sculptures were painted in their time.  You can learn more about it in this article from the Smithsonian that talks about sculpture’s true colors.  I was fascinated by this and went looking for more color reconstruction images and discovered the gallery I’m sharing with you today!

When you arrive you’ll land right on the sculpture page.  You can either click Kouros to get started on the tour, or you can scroll down to the thumbnail gallery and pick only the sculpture you want to see. If you decide on the tour, you’ll use the arrows at the bottom of each page to navigate through each sculpture.

Each sculpture page features an image of the original statue, a mock-up of the painted version, and a Quick Time VR (I couldn’t get these to work). You’ll also find information about the sculpture.

I would also recommend checking out the Method section of the site. There you’ll find documentation of the hardware, software, and method used to create these images.

Want to see more painted statues? You can see more examples of what painted statues looked like here.

Go check these out for yourself today!