BoredPanda created a gallery of great photos of the Nicobar pigeon who happens to be the closest living relative to the extinct Dodo.

The birds look nothing alike, the dodo is thought to have had  brownish-grey plumage, whereas, the Nicobar pigeon has luminous iridescent plumage.

What you’ll find when you arrive is a paragraph of introductory text about the Nicobar pigeon with links to Wikipedia if you want to learn more about the pigeon. There’s also a link to an article on MyModernMet about the pigeon as well.

Then you’ll scroll down through the gallery of images. Be prepared to be wowed by the vibrant colors this bird rocks! Because there are few predators on the Nicobar Islands these birds don’t need to worry as much about camouflage, so they are an array of colors!

Go check the Nicobar pigeon out for yourself today!