A reader had a question  about Facebook blocking. Reading Cynthia’s articles on Facebook, and today’s run on blocking brought up a question I’ve often wondered about.  I am currently ‘friends’ with 2 cousins that are ‘at odds’ with each other.  Any way to keep them seeing what the other has posted or commented on my wall? Or, is this something that they would have to do themselves as in blocking the other (which I’m fairly sure they have already done)?  What about the cousins’ spouses?”


It’s no fun being stuck in the middle, is it?  First, if your cousins have blocked each other and one of them posts to your wall, the other will not be able to see the post. And blocking someone does not have an effect on what their spouse can see. If you don’t want that person to see your posts, you have to block them as well.

You can control the audience for individual posts that you make, but not for someone else. You can stop anyone from posting on your wall at all. But the truth is, even if you block someone, someone could still tell them about or grab a screen copy of a post to show them.

~ Cynthia