Yesterday, in part one of this tip, we looked at how to create a Dropbox account and use it to upload your photos. Today, let’s check out how to share those uploaded photos with friends and family without clogging up their email with a bunch of attachments.  Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.

8. When your photos are all uploaded, they should appear in a list, one after the other. Make sure they are all uploaded before you proceed with the next step.


Click on the button which looks like a link. See the image below for its location.


9. A link will be generated to your folder. This means that anybody with the link can access your photos. Note that they cannot see any of your other Dropbox folders, just the folder you’re sharing. You can highlight the link and paste it into an email, and send it to your friends or family.

Or else, you can fill out each person’s email address in the email space provided. You can attach a small message to the link, such as “Hey. Click the link to see our holiday photos in DC! From, Marie Jenson.” Something simple will work, just so they know what the link brings them to.


When you click the blue Send button, the link will be sent to everyone on the list. They can all peruse the images, or send you their own Dropbox vacation links!

As you can see, it isn’t all that difficult to share hundreds of photos with friends and family. All it takes is one link, and you can send it to anyone. They can all access this, making photo sharing quicker and more efficient.

If you have any comments or questions, let us know below!

~ Silvia