Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Explode

The Galaxy Note 7 apparently comes with a feature no one wants, an exploding battery that can cause fires while charging. Just a month after the phone’s release, Samsung is stopping sales and recalling the ones that have already been sold.


The company says it will replace the Note 7 with a new device. According to Samsung, a quality check found that about 24 out every million phones sold were defective. Lays Off Staff, a site dedicated to creating online petitions has let go nearly a third of its workers.  Users of the site create “petitions” about topics ranging from serious issues like legalizing mariujana to silly ones calling for the distribution of particular flavors of potato chips.

It doesn’t cost users anything to create petition. The company relies on sponsored petitons from organizations to make money, but so far that hasn’t been working too well.

In a statement, CEO Ben Rattray said, “In doing this, we have made the very difficult decision to part ways with a group of remarkable teammates we are lucky to have had drive our mission, and who have helped impact the lives of millions of our users.”

The company is now launching platforms that will allow users to fundraise and contribute money towards the causes they are championing online.

Apple Angry Over Tax Bill From EU

The folks at Apple don’t like paying taxes any more than the rest of us. The company is furious over a ruling by the European Union that says the company owes $14.5 billion in back taxes because of a tax deal the company made with Ireland.


CEO Tim Cook criticized the ruling saying that it was effectively replacing Irish laws with the will of the commission. Ireland and Apple both intend to repeal the ruling.

~ Cynthia